Nothing comes between me and my Denman brush!

Denman BrushBy Francine Holmes

This brush is the best for detangling natural or curly hair. It is a little pricey: it ranges from $10.00 to $18.00.

However it is worth it for anyone who has had to deal with breakage, and I am not just talking about your hair. I have broken a few combs and brushes in my day and this brush is sturdy.  Denman is the way to go: it’s gentle on your hair, great to smooth your edges, and good for blow-drying (professionals swear by it).

I have heard that some people are actually altering their brushes by removing a couple of rows. Apparently the gaps they create makes it easier to detangle hair with coarser textures.  I can’t vouch for how effective that is because I haven’t tried it; call me a purist but I can’t imagine defacing my Denman.

In your search for a Denman brush, beware of the many imposters out there (some are very close in appearance) because they are not the same quality as Denman!
I can see how $2.99 is more appealing than $14.00, or even $18.00. But do keep in mind, you get what you pay for. They fall apart as you’re brushing, the base isn’t rubber and definitely not heat resistant.

No longer will you struggle, tug, yank and cry while detangling. GET A DENMAN!

For those who have asked, I will keep trying to carry them on FancyNaturals…. Will keep you posted.

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