AyaZebra Mane Set Giveaway

AyaZebra Mane set

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The set includes:

*Kleen Mane – Clarifying Shampoo

Kleen Mane is a mild clarifying shampoo, gentle enough for all hair types.
Aloe Vera infused with Fennel & Anise.
It cleanses, removes build-up and restores hair’s natural sheen with a sweet scent of licorice that kids will love.

*Loose Mane – Detangling Conditioner

Loose Mane Detangling Conditioner is a creamy blend with Jojoba oil and Aloe Vera.
It gently detangles as it adds luster.
The essential oils give it its rich citrus scent, with Pro-vitamin to strengthen hair.

*Curly Mane – Light Curl Defining Jelly

Curly Mane gives soft curl definition and controls frizz without stiffness.
It strengthens, softens and helps prevent breakage.
The jojoba oil provide moisture and sheen for perfect manageable curls.

*AyaZebra Plush Toy

Super-soft stuffed Zebra.
AyaZebra comes with her signature flower and beaded necklace

To enter:

1. Click here, then click GIVEAWAY on our Facebook page



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