It’s getting warmer

It's getting warmer

Sunny days are here! It’s getting waaarmeeeer…. Ready or not! No more hiding under hats, scarves… It is time to let it all hang out. No matter which stage you’re in of your transition.

How to care for your natural hair on hot days

  • Take the ‘out’ out of your ‘Twist-Out’: you can experiment with different styles; you can add extensions to give your style more length or volume.
  • Moisturize – moisturize – moisturize and oh! Did I mention to moisturize. It is important during hot days to moisturize your hair. Try FancyNaturals VERA MIST, it is a wonderful moisturizer with Aloe Vera – Rose petals and glycerin, all great emollients.
  • Make sure to wash your hair after swimming to remove the chlorine or salt deposit.

Embrace your Napturality!

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1 Response to It’s getting warmer

  1. naturalrify says:

    moisturizing,moisturizing.moisturizing. my hair loves that

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