From old to new ottoman

By Francine Holmes

This is not a how-to tutorial, not by a long shot. I was winging it.
The point is simply to show what can happen when you get out of your comfort zone.
I ended up with a bright new ottoman-made by moi, a splash of color  just in time for Valentines day.

I have had this ottoman for a couple of years. It was a hand-me-down from my mom when I moved to my apartment in Jersey and had absolutely no furniture. So being the grateful daughter that I am, I can honestly say that it has served me well.


My original ‘beige’ ottoman


My inspiration – a Christmas gift

One of the good things about this ottoman, aside from being super comfy and sturdy, is the fabric design. It’s plain enough that it fits well with almost any decor. So my change of heart and need to reinvent it didn’t stem from a problem but from my friends and family who commented that “my style is too beige” and I “need some color in my life”. The latter is a direct quote from my sister. In her defense, I probably deserved that, because I used to refer to her own color palette as “gutter clown chic”.

So now in my gradual transition to gutter clown territory, I decided to re-upholster my ottoman. It seemed like an easy enough place to start. It doesn’t have a weird shape and corners so it should be a piece of cake – or so I thought!

But I didn’t really have a plan or even a pattern. I was armed with my desire for change, a hammer, some nails and a staple gun (any self respecting amateur upholsterer needs a staple gun).

So like a mad scientist I jumped right in.  I cut, sewed, hammered and of course stapled…and had so much fun doing it!

My fabric (Thanks JoAnn Fabrics)

My fabric (Thanks JoAnn Fabrics)

And I somehow ended up with this! It’s not the best, I’ll admit.  However for an amateur mad scientist upholsterer: it’s not too shabby either!  I now have the confidence that my next project will be awesome. It’s all about having fun and finding enjoyment in the creative process.



I also made a body pillow to serve as a backrest.

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