Dishwashing liquid

 No matter how you slice it, doing the dishes is a chore, it’s the unpleasant aftermath of  your wonderful meal. I own a dishwasher but I do my best not to use it unless I absolutely have to use it.  So in my pursuit of a ‘greener lifestyle’ I decided to find ways to make washing dishes, a more pleasant experience. I began by creating my own dishwashing liquid and experimenting with a bunch of different scents. hand-wash-dishes-301x174

Through numerous trials, I came up with these two recipes: Citrus Blend and Herbal Blend.  The Herbal blend I find to be reminiscent of a fragrant herb garden. The citrus blend is my favorite, I love the scent of citrus. I would sometimes use half of a lemon with baking soda to scour my countertop, this also works wonders on stainless steel. Adding 1/2 cup of lemon juice or vinegar to your dishwater, is also a great way to remove tough, stuck on grease.

So try any of the two recipes, the ingredients are easy to find at your local heath food store or online retailers such as BrambleBerry or Bulk Apothecary.

 Tools & Ingredients:

-2  (160z) pump bottle (one for each recipe or simply recycle an old dishwashing liquid bottle)

Citrus Blend                                                                      Herbal Blend

-10 oz of Liquid Castile Soap                                                               -10 oz of Liquid Castile Soap

-12 or 15 drops of Lemon oil or grapefruit oil                                           -10 drops of Rosemary oil

-6 drops of Bergamot oil or lime oil                                -5 drops of peppermint oil or Eucalyptus oil

-5 drops of lemongrass oil                                                              -10 drops of Sage oil or Lavender oil


Pour the Castile soap into your bottle, add the oils and close the lid.

Shake until it appears to be thoroughly mix. Do the dishes and enjoy !





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