Pressing Matters

Explore the versatility of your natural hair and go wavy!  

11071399_847274302017957_7904218325069727961_nI noticed that I have grown quite comfortable with my natural hair, as far as what I can do with it: I no longer moan and groan about “Wash Day”. Either the process has become relatively easier or I have just become accustomed and mentally prepared for all that is involved on that day.

But I realized that I was essentially doing the same thing to my hair, either wash and go, twist-out ponytail and finally the convenient go-to style the parted in the middle pig tail twist.  So I decided to do something different I made a wavy hair unit. (A customized wig or hairpiece that you can make or purchase)

As for most naturals, my initial concern was how to blend my texture with the wavy hair extensions ? I went to my trusted restorative balm: ‘PRESSING img_0737-0MATTERS’I started out with clean hair, I blow-dried, flat ironed and curled my hair knowing that it would be protected from heat styling. If you’re anything like me and have issues with dry and flaky scalp, in addition to ‘Pressing Matters’ also use ‘Rose and Mary’s Olive Branch’ – stimulating herbal oil on your scalp to soothe and alleviate the itch and flaked associated with dry scalp.

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