‘Egg on your face’ mask

The current health craze it all about egg whites. So before you make that egg white omelet, think to add it to your beauty regimen! Save some eggs to make this incredible face mask. Eggonyourfacemask

by Francine Holmes

Lets talk about the wonderful benefits of egg white on skin; for those with oily skin it can help to reduce excessive oil, it is the ideal for treatment of acne.  This mask can help to reduce the size of pores, tone your skin while enhancing your texture. Apply this mask at least once a week to see a noticeable difference. The recipe is easy to make, it only has two ingredients, and it takes about 8 minutes to make (so you’re out of excuses!)

You’ll need: Egg, cornstarch, whisk, and a small mixing cup.

In your mixing cup, separate the white from the yolk,  add one teaspoon of cornstarch. Whisk the mixture until you get a uniform consistency devoid of any chunks. The process is easy but feel free to use an electric beater if you’d like. And voila! you’re done!

Now for the fun part, applying it to your face!

Apply it, as you would any other face mask, with your fingers, smooth over a layer evenly over your face.  Leave it to dry for about 15 minutes or longer (depends on how thick of a coat you apply) Rinse with lukewarm water and follow with your face moisturizer.

This mask is the real deal! It makes quite a tight seal when drying!
your facial expressions will be limited, so if absolutely necessary emote before applying.

Have fun!

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