Protective styles

As the weather begins to change most naturals commence the planning for protective styles. So here are some options.

braidscorn-rowns feed-in_300_5

Braids/Twist / Cornrows

Protective styles are all about less manipulation to prevent damage and shedding that can be caused by heat styling tools or excessive ‘handling’ or products. Protective styling allows for countless styling options. They require minimal maintenance, but remember low maintenance does not mean no maintenance! There is still some care involved. You still have to keep up with moisturizing treatments.

crochet afro

Crochet Naturals
This is currently a popular trend. It is a great option that allows you to tuck away your precious strands, while still being able to have a multitude of choice. This method can be done with a variety of hair texture, color or length.

You can get senegalese twists, Havanna twists, sew-in hair extensions, goddess braids, halo braid, chunky flat twists, the list is endless. But remember LOW maintenance does not mean NO maintenance.!

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