African Black Soap

by Francine Holmes

Originating from West Africa, African black soap is a gentle cleanser made from il_fullxfull.844678976_l1adShea nuts, plantain skin, camwood and palm oil through a unique process that has been passed down for generations.

African black soap is an effective cleanser for daily use on all skin types.  It contains an abundance of antioxidants, iron, cinnamic acid, and vitamins A and E.

This soap is all natural, soft in texture and clean, earthy scent has remarkable skin healing properties.

The high Shea butter content makes it ideal for achieving and maintaining smooth, unblemished skin.  The ashes used in making the soap give it wonderful exfoliating properties to soften dry, irritated skin.  African black soap also works great at reducing  breakouts, skin discoloration, and razor bumps, and helps your skin retain its elasticity. Additionally, African black soap can also be used as a makeup remover, a shampoo that cleans out product build up, a moisturizer for dry scalp, and even a dandruff minimizer. 


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