Baby Swaddle Hack

The current trend for parents is these beautiful swaddles, (pictured right) with hip designs. They are all the rage, celebrities are rocking them which further adds to their appeal. As a first time mother of newborn twins, I wish nothing more than to hang on to any remaining shred of coolness! So in wanting to keep up with the Joneses yet be practical about the demands of two babies, I DIYed the heck out of these swaddles. The brand name swaddle set retails at $45 for a pack of 3. So to  provide some cost comparison to our DIY project, that price is representative of the higher end currently on the market.

                                                                            If you’re on a budget, your best option is to DIY the heck out of it!

Gauze or muslin, the names are sometimes interchangeable.  There is not much difference between the two fabrics, they are both equal weft plain weave, ultra lightweight, semi-sheer cotton fabric with the exception that gauze is a lighter material.

The muslin I used is sold on for $3.97 a yard, measuring 45 inches x 36 inches. The brand name swaddles are slightly bigger measuring at 47in x 47inches. For my purpose I only needed a yard, you can off course get more than one yard, so let’s get started!

My supplies and cost:

  • 1 yard of fabric (3 -one yard) $3.97  ea
  • Tulip soft matte fabric paint 2oz (available at craft store or Amazon – your choice of color) $3.25 ea
  • Wooden stamp $ 5.00 (Etsy has a wide variety like the one shown from great vendors-link included)
  • 2-3 paint brushes (depending on the number of colors you’re using) $0.99 ea
  • 4-6 thumb tacks (optional)
  • 1 cardboard box (prevents paint from seeping through and protects your work surface) free  

  It all adds up to a grand total of $25.39

That is a fraction of the the cost for the brand name item, and keep in mind that the paint stamp and brush are a one time cost. When you’re ready to do it this again, you only have to purchase the fabric.So lets get started:

First begin by gathering all of your supplies, it helps to be organized. Find a large surface to work on, place the cardboard on your work station, this is optional but you can use pins or thumbtack to hold the corners. Brush the paint into the stamp and press it on your fabric. And repeat this process until the desired pattern is obtained. Clean up is easy, simply rinse all of your materials with warm water and leave them out to dry and done.

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