Ms. Brazile is reclaiming HER time!

By Francine Holmes

Yes!!! to all of it, from the moment I read the piece that Donna Brazile wrote for Politico MagazineInside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC” and some of the backlash from it. I knew that my perspective on this matter was not going to be spiritless.  I am channeling …?? I am not sure who just yet with this, but whoever she is, she is not having any of it! and neither is Ms. Donna. She is reclaiming her time, burning remaining bridges, she is going to tell it, and she is going to TELL IT ALL!! I am buying “HACKS” TODAY!!!  As obvious by the title, I want to know what really happened? no pun intended; after reading Hillary’s book. Granted Hillary gave some side eye worthy ‘reads’, but honestly, the ‘Tea’ was not that hot, and the ‘Lemonade’ was crystal light!


Now I know auntie Donna is in her feelings about her unfortunate fall from grace, so I expect her tea to be piping HOT! And why wouldn’t she tell us all of the backroom deals?

Yes!!! Ms. Donna! She is reclaiming her time, she is going to tell it, she is going to TELL IT ALL!!

This woman compromised her integrity and illustrious career for Hilary Clinton!! All too familiar for the black woman to take action at her own expense to protect or to save the white woman! Why? Because she probably had unrealistic expectations that her gesture would have had a different outcome! Where is Hillary? You ask!? What is she doing with her residual clout, to reinstate Ms Brazile back to some semblance of respectability after she fell on that sword for her !? I can guarantee Ms Brazile’s advance for her book, or speaking engagements fees aren’t anywhere near what they would have been, had she not handled that grenade and destroyed her career!  Yeah!!  Am all out of metaphors!!! At this rate she no longer has allies, so what other choice does she have but to write a tell all? And I can’t wait!! 


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