Ms. Brazile, who sent you?

By Amy Smith

In response to Ms. Brazile is reclaiming HER time!

   In today’s Corporation clap black news, I got to read an excerpt of Donna Brazile’s new book called, “About Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-Ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House.”

Hey Donna, how you doing? and hope all is well. But girl, seriously, who sent you?

It has been said that “perception is our reality”, however, sometimes our perception lack facts. Now, I’m all for good sipping tea; but Ms. Donna Brazile’s tell-allimg_7123-1 book is nothing more than revisionist recaps of  “yea girl, I’m in my feelings, unemployed, and I gotta get my coins by any means necessary.” (Kanye Shrug)

I have followed politics since I was a sophomore in college. Impressionable and not well versed on how and where I stand on issues; I saw this woman, a BLACK woman on TV speaking for Al Gore as the campaign manager. I was like yes, finally a black woman who I get to see on a national stage that is passionate about politics just like me.

We all know what happened after that campaign, but I became a fan of Ms. Brazile. Every time I watched cable news, I was so eager to hear her commentary on today’s events.  I was disappointed when learning that during the 2016’s presidential election that during the Democratic primaries; she furnished debate questions to Hillary Clinton’s campaign when she and Bernie Sanders were debating at a TV One town hall debate. It was reported that Wikileaks hacked into the DNC computers systems and released the emails publicly. The real culprit in this was Roland Martin, who gave Ms. Brazile the debate questions since he was the moderator of that particular debate. Then, Ms. Brazile passed it on to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Listen, Donna, I get it. You worked your ass off to get to where you were. You saw an opportunity, and you went for it even though it goes against what you believe.  If you’re a student of history, you will understand the motives of those obsessed with power or those who want to be closely associated with it. Yeah, she was on CNN as a political analyst, but she wanted more. And I ain’t mad at her for that.  But Donna girl, you can’t do it like white men. They have Privilege and status and WE don’t. So the first person that they will throw under the bus (drum roll) you, the black woman.

Everyone knows that making sausages are messy. But when it gets on that plate, it looks and tastes good.  I’m all about making coins; understand that while you’re making coins and burning bridges, you better hope it’s a large pretty coin. See Debbie Wasserman Shultz has been quiet since she stepped down. She’s still employed and in Congress, just saying.

I wish Ms. Brazile the best, but let this be a lesson to all, keep your integrity at all costs. The bottom line is the Democratic Party has to unite because we can’t have another 7 years of this tyrant rolling back social progress just because he feels like it.
Like my girl, Francine says, “Girl, think long term.” Donna should have had a friend to tell her that.

img_7124-1Amy is a freelance writer that loves all things political, fashion, art, and social justice. She resides in NYC and works as a therapist. 


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