Life-giving faux dreads

by Francine Holmes

img_9192This time of year, I am all about protective styles. Like most naturals, a large portion of my time while getting ready is spent on my hair, with a full-time job, twins under two, something has to give! and caring for my natural hair should not be it! Wearing a low maintenance protective style is a great way to provide you with a look change, and the flexibility to minimize the extensive manipulation process involved with caring for your natural stands; low maintenance does not however mean NONE at all.  Natural hair has a tendency to be dry so added tender, loving and care is definitely needed when wearing a protective style, no matter whether they are braids, weaves or wigs.   I am currently rocking these life-giving faux dreads, which I achieved using Bobbi Boss synthetic crochet hair: Nu Locs. img_9193 If you’re anything like me, a do it yourself kind of chick, this process is fairly simple, cornrow your hair in a straight back pattern and crochet each stand, there are plenty of YouTube videos to assist you if in doubt. From start to finish it was a two hour process. I started out by washing my hair with Tea tree Thyme clarifying shampoo  followed by a deep img_8734treatment with Kaolin Hair mask to moisturize my scalp and hair to prevent excessive dryness and dandruff after my install; and finally coated my hair with Rooibos Herb Pomade before putting in the cornrows, and there you have it.
I maintain this protective style by ensuring that my scalp and natural hair remains hydrated by using Vera Mist-leave in conditioner. It’s the perfect balance of herbs, aloe vera and oils to restore moisture to my hair. It hydrates and freshens this style with a delightful floral scent. At night, I wear a satin cap to protect and extend the wear of this style. I absolutely love this look, it’s feather light and quite versatile. Give it a try!

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