Connecting to your authentic self

By Francine Holmes and Erica Laguerre

For many of us, our lives are, or have become a loop of routines that are being performed daily in a mindless mechanical way, without the inclusion of self-care. This isn’t necessarily purposeful but we do have a tendency to put all other things and others’ needs before our own; and I find this to be particularly true for women of color. 

The importance for women of color to have a safe space to express themselves freely, a refuge from the emotionally draining task of navigating today’s world with its culture of perpetual micro-aggression has never been as crucial. Translation: “Sis! Love yourself first, cause it ain’t easy and it ain’t safe for a sister in these streets” 

Most of us are making a conscious attempt to “live our best life” and in order to do that you have to realize that it starts with self-care. I attended a support and empowerment retreat this past weekend. It was organized by CTCORE-ORGANIZE NOW! a grassroots organization working with groups and organizers of color in order to dismantle institutional racism statewide through three pillars: training, community organizing, and community building. 

Throughout the weekend, through genuine, open, supportive, and difficult conversations that we’re at times far from “safe” because they were real. We delved deeper into some aspects of the black culture, boundaries, black womeness, intersectionality, our roles, struggles and purpose in society at large. 

We granted ourselves the confidence to actively engage mind and body to push through these limiting boundaries that have been set overtime. 

It is imperative to allow the time and space to focus on one’s overall wellness. It can be such a profound experience in self-discovery; as it allows you to gain awareness, regenerative and protective tools to obtain and maintain a deeper connection to your mind, body, and spirit. Each participants had the opportunity to engage in yoga sessions led by Shinda.  

The workshops included group activities on effective and liberating relationship, mala making, tarot readings, self-directed communications that provided the safe space and supportive atmosphere to express and uncover our “authentic self”. The radical relationships workshop was led by Farron H.

Selfcare should be an integral part of your life, its effectiveness is quickly evident, as it allows for a more receptive, confident, and productive self. That mindfulness will manifest in better life choices, make for more authentic relationships, be it with family, friends or even professionally.


Facilitators information: 

Farron: Instagram → thebookoffarron

Shinda: Facebook → Peace In Peace Out

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