BLAQUE by Christiane King

Christiane & Rose-Marie are sisters originally from the Cote d’Ivoire, West Africa. Although their paths led them on different parts of the world (Christiane in Los Angeles and Rose-Marie in Germany) their connection to their roots led them to the inception of Blaque by Christiane King.

Blaque by CK was born from the thirst to reconnect with the beautiful continent they fondly refer to as the Motherland. Through Blaque by CK they honor, celebrate and elevate the beautiful continent of Africa and Black heritage. Join the culture!

These glamorous tees showcase the African map in the most luxurious way with our flip sequins

I am feeling glamorous rocking my @Blaquebyck tee. I love the concept for these tees: I am representing my home land, supporting a black “women” owned business, while looking like a snack. The look matches my personality and mostly my style, what more can I ask for? 

 These tees that can be worn anywhere, dressed up or down. They are incredibly soft, great quality and most of all they’re incredibly well made: the sequins are here to stay! Believe me, my daughter and I have tested it! While wearing it, she would amuse herself flipping the sequins over and over! This has been my fourth time wearing it, I hand washed it and it still looks as good and vibrant.
The ability to flip the sequins from one color to another is another ingenious feature of the tees. The website ( has a pretty wide range of options to fit any sizes from (small to xxl) any style, they also offers stylish studded hoodies. The site is easy to navigate, the customer service is responsive, prompt and extremely helpful. Free shipping in the U.S.
The owner Christiane is incredibly sweet and gracious to offer a discount for my followers, so take full advantage and GET YOURS TODAY!!!

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