Travellers’ Essentials

By Francine Holmes

Traveling anywhere is supposed to be exciting, whether an overnight stay or a weekend getaway! but if you’re anything like me there’s always some anxiety associated with it; especially deciding what to pack and how much of it!

Before you stuff everything but the kitchen sink in your suitcase, pause …

My trick now, is to make sure that I have all of my essentials handy! Once your numerous outfits have been meticulously curated by activity and neatly packed! What must be done next is to simply ensure that all your little must-haves, a sample sized collection of your skincare routine (makeup remover-moisturizer-brushes-sample size makeup-toothbrush/paste-perfume etc…) are all tucked away quite nicely in a small makeup case. My Alomo is just the right companion.

It absolutely goes without saying that hair care is imperative! So along with my styling products, my trusty protective overnight satin cap, my African Black soap and of course my trusty Éponge, African exfoliating sponge are always in tow.

They are the first items set aside when packing and as well as unpacking on arrival.

Go over to my shop to get you travellers’essentials!

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