All Black Lives Matter

By Francine Holmes

I’ve recently had a debate with a few people about the “All Black Lives Matter”, some made the argument that it is synonymous with saying “All Lives Matter”, I disagreed and this is why.

“All Lives Matter“ essentially negates and misguidedly attempts to undermine the BLM movement and its outcry for justice, while the “All Black Lives Matter” is a call for inclusion; especially that of the black LGBTQ community.

It simply denotes that no matter where you fall on all the different societal stratifications, as long as you’re black, you too are being subjected to the same inequitable treatment, the same denial of your humanity, same disenfranchisement and most of all the same constant threat to your right to exist and to freely thrive!
All Black Lives Matter… means Black LGBTQ, Black Women and Black Trans Lives Matter because these groups are often omitted when these conversations of targeting, brutality and senseless violence, are being had. The black LGBTQ community needs to be included! There shouldn’t be a debate! They are a vulnerable population if not more of a target and subjected to worst atrocities with impunity.

Inclusion of the Black LGBTQ isn’t a distraction, and it most certainly does not dilute the message, it makes us stronger!
Because let’s be clear here, and realize that asking for social justice and equity as black people should cover ALL BLACK PEOPLE!

Our oppressors could care less about these internalized differentiators (educated, trans, Christian, dark skinned, straight,atheist, from the burbs or the hood, light skinned…) All of these, to be held as reasons why we’re different, have never served us, but have only further divided us!
When they see US, none of it matters, all they see is black! So let’s check our biases, get a grip and remember as black folks, we are ALL fighting the same fight!

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