Welcome to Fancy La Femme!

    I am the owner of FancyNaturals, a small business founded on my West African heritage as a proud Ivorian. At FancyNaturals, we make natural, handmade hair and Franskin care products that allow you to look your best and be healthy.

     Fancy La Femme is my blog, meant to provide a forum for topics relevant to you and me, from beauty, fashion, health, government and food to relationships and even foreign events (usually the overlooked African political arena).  It covers a bit of everything, both by myself and other writers.  Many of the issues I discuss I’ve experienced myself, whether it’s making the leap to natural hair, body concerns, or cultural adaptation in a foreign country.  I hope there is something here for everyone.

     Thank you for joining me on this journey of exploration and discovery.

                                           -Francine Holmes