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Handmade with the finest and purest ingredients.Free of artificial colors, mineral oils and parabens.

Who We are

4609088776_273x192FancyNaturals is founded on our West African heritage, more specifically Ivory Coast. As children there, we were bathed with black soap and used Shea butter as lotion.

FancyNaturals was born out of our regained respect and appreciation for these natural products, as well as a supportive following.

What We Do

Our hair and skin care products are handmade with basic and natural ingredients, some 4609012365_187x152of which can be found right in your kitchen. As  natural hair stylists, We feel that store bought products don’t always meet our clients’ needs. We have often altered them to improve their desired effects.FancyNaturals was born out of that creative spirit, making hair products from scratch that address individual needs, with our African background as the inspiration.  Two of our core ingredients, Shea and Cocoa butter have been tried and true throughout Africa for centuries. We stick to this proven formula because it works.

Charities We Support


FancyNaturals recognizes the global and local impact of charitable support. We contribute a portion of our profits to charity. We invite you to get involved in any way you can, whether through financial giving or active volunteering.

Here is a list of charities we support and recommend: