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Happy Mother’s Day

There’s something special for everyone! This Mother’s Day, get her the gift she will appreciate! Shop and save 15% off of your FancyNaturals’ purchase.

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African Beat Brunch Series

By Francine Holmes

The African Beat Brunch Series : Brunch Times are delectable and entertaining celebrations with incredible dishes and great music, not a shabby way to spend a Sunday afternoon. The dishes served are prepared by talented up and coming culinary innovators, who offer up a spread of great traditional cuisines from Africa and Caribbean. The idea behind these events is simple, yet a clever one, nothing brings people together like a good meal and great music.

What better way to introduce others to one’s culture?

I have had the pleasure to attend this wonderfully curated event that also showcases some talented DJ’s, and incredibly creative products from black owned businesses. It also serves as an opportunity to network and maybe make few new friends. I made no qualms about it to organizer Christian Koumtog, “I am coming for the suya!” Ask anyone who knows me and my obsession with meats on skewers (the savagery gets real!)

Upon my arrival, it was unmistakably clear that I was “home”, the aroma that filled the air was beyond enticing. The visually appealing display of various mouthwatering and flavorful dishes was a bit more than my senses and I could handle with poise, full disclosure I had skipped breakfast in anticipation of the “SUYA”. I am positive there are blurred pictures of me out there, in the corner, stuffing my face like a raccoon – for which I make no apologies – it was that real!

Each dish was succulent and I thoroughly enjoyed shamelessly “sampling” them repeatedly!

In the spirit of hashtag making your weekends count, don’t miss the upcoming events of the series.

So ask yourself: What do you know about “Suya” ? Whatever the answer, make sure to RSVP for the next event on: Sunday, May 19th, 2019 at 12pm – PARK SLOPE EVENT SPACE – 164 20th Street Brooklyn, NY 11202


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West African Swag

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West Africans beauty and accessories.

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DIY Lavender Dishwasher Powder

Let me start off by saying that I love, love lavender. Not only for its beneficial properties but for its incredibly calming, soothing scent.  So I tend to use it in every single form that I can. I add a few lavender buds to my tea, add a few drops of lavender essential oil to my bath and or rub it on my pillow for a relaxing calming evening ….


I could go on, however this has been my favorite accidental yet practical use of my beloved lavender,

I introduced it to my dishwasher powder and inadvertently turned my dishwasher into a diffuser.

I have heard the dishwasher powder vs liquid argument and frankly I don’t have a preference, however currently the powder method does allow not only to create my own but to also have control over the ingredients until I can come up with a working  formulation for the liquid.

This is my favorite accidental yet practical use of my beloved lavender, because I inadvertently turned my dishwasher into a diffuser. 

It’s a simple recipe with very few and basic ingredients that you can find at your local supermarket, health food/speciality store or online. You’ll need:

*2 cups Washing Soda (not to be confused with washing powder or even baking soda)

*1 cup Borax 

*1 cup Baking Soda 

*30 drops of Lavender essential oil (You can add less if you find the scent over powering – did I mention that I love lavender)

In a large plastic bowl mix the dry ingredients first (Washing soda, borax and baking soda) then add the lavender essential oil, then stir, fold in the mixture until fully blended.  I store my mix in sealed plastic container.  And now to use it, you don’t need that much, about 1 1/2 tablespoon will do for a regular load. Pour it in the pre-wash and/or main wash compartments of your dishwasher and Ta-dah!!

I simply love this simple recipe and hope you will too.


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Burdock Root Facial Toner

il_570xn.1680859491_srv3This botanical infused facial toner soothes, tones, and moisturizes skin. 

Burdock Root Facial Toner is made with Aloe Vera juice, Rose petals, burdock root for its anti-fungal and antibiotic qualities , yarrow flower, a powerful natural astringent and Vitamin C, an antioxidant that promotes healing and skin health.

This botanical infused facial toner soothes, tones, and moisturizes skin.
Toners are an important part of any skin care routine, they help to brighten dry, dull skin to a natural glow by minimizing the look of pores.  Add Burdock Rose Facial Toner to your skin care routine today

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Happy Holidays

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10/8 Sale 💥

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FancyNaturals is back!!!


After a “short” transitional hiatus, FancyNaturals is back!

Visit the site for your faves!

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By Francine Holmes


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