KIVA – Small Loans that make a Big Difference.


At, we want to create good in the world. A lot of good.

I first heard about KIVA last year when my husband and some colleagues registered with the organization. After reading about KIVA and what they do, I was immediately impressed. KIVA, in a nutshell, plays the role of the middleman in linking people that need loans to start or ameliorate their businesses, (mostly in impoverished countries and some in the U.S) with people that have the means to benevolently give such loans. It’s a non-profit organization whose ultimate goal is to alleviate poverty through these small loans, some as low as $25. I am sure, just as I have, you can recall many instances where you’ve spent more money on trivial things. So I understand how difficult it can be to imagine that such a seemingly inconsequential contribution can change a life in a major way, but it does and the countless success stories posted on the website prove just that. I actually had a firsthand account on a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, I saw a KIVA cutout that the owner proudly displayed in the shop’s window as a reminder of what enabled him to start his business and I found that to be truly heart-warming.

I can go on and paraphrase what KIVA does, how they do it and so on, but their site does an incredible job at explaining their mission in great detail. The picture on the top left is a link to their site, so please visit and share it with your social network to bring more awareness on the wonderful service they provide.

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